Pill Precinct Map

Thank you for your interest in our Parish. There are lots of activities available in our small community. We hope you find this useful and informative.

If you are standing in front of the precinct map, you may be looking for outdoor activities. There are beautiful open spaces, a variety of children’s play parks and woodlands. The parish has a rich and lively history which the information boards (particularly those around Watchhouse Hill) will tell you about.

There are plenty of places to sit down and have a drink or a bite to eat and takeaways or shops if you are on the move.

If you are staying a little longer or looking for a particular event there is a list of community spaces (including the churches).

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Outdoor Activities

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Community Spaces

Outdoor Activities


There are some local walks which you can access here.

North Somerset Life has some local walks to which will take you round a number of the information boards in the local area:

Public Open Spaces

A number of our public spaces have meadows to encourage wildlife – these are marked with a 💙.

  • Victoria Park
    Victoria Park is at the heart of Pill and used for community events like the Pill Rag. There is seating amongst mature trees, flowerbeds and tubs. There is a sundial which children may enjoy.
  • Watchhouse Hill 💙
    Watchhouse Hill is a green flag awarded space with facilities for walking, dog walking, playing football, cycling, flying a kite as well as taking in the great views of the Avon, the community orchard or just the fresh open air.
  • Jenny’s Meadow 💙
    Jenny’s Meadow is the perfect place for a quiet stroll amongst a profusion of wild flowers and insects through late spring and into the summer especially.
  • The Longshore  
    The Longshore is an area of saltmarsh. A footpath runs under the motorway bridge to a viewpoint overlooking the river mouth. The footpath can be a difficult walk and might not be suitable for small children.
  • Brookside 💙
    Brookside is our village wildflower meadow, wildlife haven and woodland adventure play area.
  • Priors Field
    Prior’s Field is a sizeable area of grassland, protected from significant change by its Village Green status: you are free to wander anywhere on the Green.
  • Pill Paddock 💙
    Pill Paddock Nature Reserve features a wildflower meadow, a pond and a woodland, all created over the past 37 years by the local community on a former allotment site
  • St George’s Flower Bank 💙
    St George’s Flower Bank is a species-rich wildflower meadow habitat on the verges of a busy ‘A’ road created and maintained over 30 years 
  • Glebe Pond
    Glebe Pond is an old waggoners pond which has been fenced off and is being restored as a wildlife haven. It is not a play area.

Children’s Play Areas

  • Park Place (Infants Play Area) – Awaiting new equipment
  • Hardwick Road
  • Brookside Adventure Park (For older children)
  • St Katherine’s Park

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Food and Drink

Nearest Pubs/Restaurants/Cafes

Nearby Takeaways

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Community Spaces

Community Halls and Spaces

A number of the churches also have halls available for hire within the building.


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