Northern Corridor


Choices for the Future: A Northern Corridor

Proposal from the Parish Councils of Abbots Leigh and Pill and Easton-in-Gordano

The North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Choices for the Future proposes four approaches to how and where new housing development might be located.  We are concerned about the scale of housing required by Government as well as the capacity of the development industry to deliver such numbers.  Nevertheless, North Somerset will be vulnerable to planning applications for major development should housing targets not be met and this proposal, therefore, respects the target numbers.  In our view each of the four approaches – Retain the Green Belt, Urban Focus, Transport Corridors and Dispersal – have strengths and weaknesses.  This submission proposes an approach to North Somerset as a whole which draws on elements of the four approaches and meets the required target housing numbers (15,500 to 17,500).   

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