MetroWest Portishead Branch Line Phase 1 – Updates

Please see the link below for the latest updates on the MetroWest scheme.

Latest update (12th January)

Instructions for those wishing to participate in Issue Specific Hearing 3 on the Environmental Matters on 12 January 2021 have been sent.

The Livestream of the ISH is available for those wishing to observe it in real time. Please note that the ISH will start broadcasting ‘LIVE’ once it opens at 10am.
If the Livestream doesn’t initially work, it may be resolved by refreshing the page.

Agenda for the Issue Specific Hearing 3 on Environmental Matters (PDF, 168 KB) on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Additional submissions from the Applicant submitted to facilitate Issue Specific Hearing 3 have been published: Cover letter (PDF, 101 KB), Bristol Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2020 (PDF, 2 MB), SFRA Functional Floodplain FZ3B mapping (PDF, 8 MB)

Additional submission from the Environment Agency.pdf) (PDF, 271 KB) submitted to facilitate Issue Specific hearing 3 has been published

See Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1 for more information.