Pill in Bloom



Origins and aims

Founded in 1984, Pill in Bloom is a friendly group of volunteers with the common aim of enhancing our local environment by planting and tending containers and various beds around the village.  We form a sub-committee of Pill and Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council, who fund our activities with an annual grant.

Annual commitments

In spring and autumn we plant up 16 containers, two beds on the Green, ‘Albert’s Boat’ and the surrounding area at the Fire Station.  Also the bed by the recycling area behind the precinct and the hanging baskets in the Precinct.  These are maintained throughout the year by the volunteers and we have occasional working parties for larger projects, such as planting daffodils opposite St Katherine’s School on entry to the village and clearing brambles and overgrowth by the King’s Head to improve the appearance through the village.

We have occasional Committee meetings, and communication is usually done by email. 


We would welcome new volunteers to contribute fresh ideas and help with the hands-on practical work.  Also helpers we could call on from time to time to assist with watering during the summer months and holiday periods.

Contact : Lucy Byrne, Co-ordinator, email ljwbyrne@yahoo.com