Community Help

Morgan’s Charity – Parish Fund

The Parish Council administers, through two locally appointed Trustees, this small, historically established Parish charity which annually distributes small sums of money to needy parishioners.

This ancient charity was set up in the 17th century to financially benefit local parishioners in times of need. Through the years it has come to the rescue of many who find themselves in difficulties due to some unexpected emergency. Records from the early 1900s show grants of thirty shillings being given to help after the death of a child and 6/8d to purchase a pair of elastic stockings. Ah, the good old days!

Nowadays, problems are more expensive to solve but thankfully there is more in the kitty to help. Sadly, the word “charity” can put off proudly independent people and it is left to others to apply on their behalf. If you feel that the trust could help you or if you know of someone who might welcome a helping hand, please contact one of the trustees. Only residents of the Pill and Easton Parish are eligible and strict confidentiality is assured. This is not charity, merely a neighbourly helping hand in time of stress.
The trustees are:-

  • Revd Astrid Tiesema-Samsom (372804)
  • Roger Collins (372761)

Pill Foodbank
Anyone in need , individuals or families, can get a voucher from:

  • Any of the churches
  • Alliance Homes, 40 Martingale Way, Portishead, BS20 7AW. Tel:0300 012 0120
  • Citizens Advice Bureau at the Pill Resource Centre, 4 Baltic Place, Pill.
  • Money Matters, 5 Bank Place Pill Bristol BS20 0AH Tel: 01275 338057.
  • Crockerne Children’s Centre, Pill Library, Underbanks, Pill.
  • Crockerne Primary School, Westward Drive, Pill, BS20 0JP

Instructions – The voucher has a telephone number to contact. Arrangements are then made for a parcel to be made up with the right requirements for an individual or family, and for the collection of the parcel from the Salvation Army in Pill.
Donations of in-date foodstuffs, particularly tinned goods can be made at any of the Churches, the Resource Centre, the Children’s Centre and School or money can be donated at the Pill Post Office.