Community Forum

The Community Forum consists of representatives from the Parish Council, local organisations and interested individuals and is  charged with progressing implementation of the Parish Plan.

It is also now able to  disburse small grants for the benefit of the community.

Application is through a simple form that can be downloaded from this site and returned to the secretary.

Note:  electronic versions of the completed form are preferred.  If you are able to insert a scan of your signature at the relevant point, please do so.  However, applications with typed signatures will be accepted, provided they come from the email address of the person signing the application.


Recipients of grants from the Community Forum agree:

  1. To provide a short written account of the implementation of the project and its impact on completion. 
  2. That any funds allocated to this project will only be released on submission of appropriate evidence of expenditure and that any money not spent within 12 months of the date of approval by Forum will be returned to the general fund.
  3. That any funds allocated will only be spent on the purposes outlined in the application submitted.  If there is a need to change the purposes, a revised application must be made to the Forum.
  4.  If financial support by the Community Forum beyond this deadline of 12 months is hoped for, a further application will need to be made.  Early notification of the need for such continued support is advisable, if it becomes likely.
  5. If it becomes clear significantly before 12 months have elapsed that expenditure on the project has ceased, the treasurer of the Forum should be informed so that funds are available for use in other ways.
  6. That any equipment purchased using a grant from the Community Forum will be made available to other groups within the community that have an appropriate use for it.