Cancellation of Parish Council Meeting on 13th December

The Parish Council meeting of Monday 13th December has been cancelled as there is no pressing or immediate business and several apologies have already been received. The PC is also aware of the changing  situation regarding COVID and hopes this early notice gives everyone certainty in planning their own arrangements.


Parish Council news: November

Parish Clerk & Resource Centre Manager

Julie Smart, our Parish Clerk and Resource Centre Manager, is not currently available. Please see reception for assistance. Details for contacting The Parish Council will be made available shortly. Thank you. Paul Kent. 25/11/21.

Parish Councillor news

Congratulations to Kate Kirkby and to Ellie Blaney who were co-opted on to the Parish Council at our meeting on 22/11/21. We look forward to working with them and we are confident that they will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm with them.

The Parish Council also recorded our thanks to Nona Dawson who has resigned after for many years of service. Nona has contributed in many positive ways with special commitment to the issues concerning women and young people and, more recently, the protection of our local footpaths. The vacancy has been publicised on the Resource Centre window and the closing date is 7th December 2021.

Welcome Back Fund Coordinator

Congratulations to Lucy Byrne who has been appointed as the Project Coordinator of the Welcome Back Fund on behalf of the Parish Council. The Parish Council was awarded a grant of £18,000 for “the beautification of The Precinct “ and Lucy will be organising various exciting and colourful projects between now and the end of March 2022. If you are interested in helping please contact Lucy on


New Parish Councillor

Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council welcomes Mr Jeff Stott-Everett as the new Councillor for Pill Ward, who was recently elected to the Parish Council without contest.  Congratulations Jeff!


Welcome Back Fund Project Co-ordinator (self-employed) required

Welcome Back Fund. The fund will be used to purchase items to beautify the Pill Precinct and surrounding areas to encourage community use.

We are seeking a self-employed person, who has immediate availability, to lead and co-ordinate the detailed implementation of this grant. We expect this will be about 15 days work to end of March 2022. The role will engage and consult with local community groups where necessary, liaise with a number of different stakeholders and ensure timely purchase, delivery of items in line with procurement policy. A report and detailed expenditure will be required for project end. The person will publicise progress, promote use of items and any activities through a range of channels. Local Pill community knowledge and engagement would be an advantage.

To apply submit a short personal statement (max 500 words) including your daily rate, your contact details and one referee details, via email to Julie Smart at by Friday 5 November 5 p.m.

This role is funded by the European Regional Development Fund accessed through the Government’s Welcome Back to the highstreets scheme.

For the job description please download this document:

Interview date: Friday 12 November (Zoom or in person format to be decided)

For further information about the bid please contact:


Parish Council meeting cancellation: 25th October

In response to the  sharply rising numbers of COVID  in North Somerset the meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 25th October at 7.30pm in The Church Room at Christ Church, Pill has been cancelled. Any decisions that need immediate attention will be taken under emergency powers and remaining business will be held over until the next Parish Council meeting on November 22nd


Our Great Big Green Day: 18th September

The Great Big Green Week is probably the largest series of community events ever organised to focus on climate and nature in the UK. 

So… here in the village we are having our own Great Big Green Day on September 18th! 

We will be celebrating how groups in the village , and the Parish Council, are taking action to tackle climate change, protect our green spaces ,and care for our planet and its biodiversity.

Over twenty local groups will be taking part, and the morning will have activities and displays in the precinct, along with the official opening of our wonderful Community Fridge.  You can have a go on a smoothie bike and enjoy Fairtrade refreshments at the Salvation Army.

The afternoon is a great chance to visit places all over the village to see what different groups are doing, and we can all end up at the Community Centre for tea and cakes.

You might like to visit the allotments or Brookside, or a new wildflower garden for example, and there is a quiz to do as you go round with activities for all ages.

We have an interactive map which will guide you round the sites and give you more information.

So… go to Our Great Big Green Day page to use the interactive map, or download a printable map below, then you can join in!

Look out on social media for the hashtag #PillOGBGD to stay up to date with what is happening on the day!


Village Voice – August edition is out!

You can read the latest issue here.

Huge thanks, as ever, for all the team who put in so much hard to to create this issue.


Parish Council statement on the lifting of COVID restrictions

The Parish Council wishes to make their position absolutely clear about the lifting of restrictions on Monday 19th July. Everyone will have heard about the government plans and there will be many interpretations about what is the best, safest, most appropriate or least damaging way of proceeding. We all know what it has been like for us, our families, our friends and neighbours over the last twenty months and we are yearning to be living as “normally” as possible once more.

However, it is clear from all sides that there is no certainty about any of the predictions and so we must recognise that whilst some of us will be keen to resume “normal living”, others in our community may still be fearful or worried about what the future holds. We all know people who have not seen their families for over a year; who have struggled with the difficulties of home schooling; who have worried about the lack of money, work and support; and who have felt the strain on their mental health. It is of paramount importance that we continue to recognise our different experiences and continue to show respect and understanding to those whose views are different from our own. We have done this as a community with sensitivity and support during the pandemic so far and the Parish Council believes we should continue in the same way.

In particular this means:

  1. We should continue to wear a face mask when we go into the surgeries and shops on which we all depend.
  2. We should remember to carry a mask and use it in those narrow outside areas where we all have to squeeze past each other.
  3. We should respect and follow the rules which our schools have introduced for the safety of our children. We also need to follow the rules for isolating in order to protect others in our community.
  4. We should check that any vulnerable or isolating neighbours are receiving the support they need in getting shopping and supplies.
  5. We should think carefully about our visits, trips, and plans so that we do not unintentionally cause harm to others. There are still clinically vulnerable people in our community who cannot take the vaccine and therefore rely upon us to protect them. We should remember that we can still pass on the infection even if we do not have symptoms.
  6. We should keep a very careful watch for any signs of illness in our family groups – and especially our children or those who have not been vaccinated.

The Parish Council hopes that we will all be able to remember these reasonable requests so that our community has the best chance of coming through this pandemic.

There is more information here.

Paul Kent on behalf of Pill and Easton in Gordano Parish Council.


Recycling and Waste Strategy Consultation

We only have one planet and all waste goes somewhere. North Somerset Council’s Recycling and Waste Strategy is a mission to achieve ‘zero waste’ and is an important part of protecting our planet.

As a council North Somerset have declared a climate emergency, and as the waste we produce has associated carbon emissions this strategy will form part of the climate emergency work. We must think of waste as being a resource from which as much value as possible should be recovered. This strategy is focused on working with residents, businesses, community groups and town and parish councils to contribute towards North Somerset’s net zero carbon aims, as well as changing the way we operate our waste services to achieve our targets.

Tell NSC what you think of the strategy using the questionnaire’s on the website here:


Community Fridge open from 12th June

Free food for you and your family!

LOOK what’s coming to the resource centre


Opening for the first time Saturday 12th June from 10am – 12 noon, and then when the Resource Centre is open currently 9.30-3.30 Mon-Thurs and Sat 10-12

Help reduce food waste – take some food from the Community Fridge



Food waste is a big issue in the UK!

The average family throws away £470 worth of food every year.              

Most food waste in the UK(4.1 million tonnes) is avoidable and could have been eaten had it been better managed.

One Solution:  Community Fridges

Community fridges are one tried and tested way stopping good food ending up in the bin. Surplus food is donated by local businesses and members of the public and is then available for collection by people who need it.

What’s next for Community Fridges?

Pill & District Community Fridge is part of a growing network across the UK. We hope you enjoy your Community Fridge and experience the many benefits of sharing good food and reducing food waste.


By taking some food from the Community Fridge not only are you helping yourself you will help reduce food waste.

You can donate any surplus home-grown fruit and veg or packets and tins of food you won’t use.  Food must be within ‘use by date’ and undamaged.  We are not allowed to accept home cooked food.

If you would like to help with the running of the fridge or collecting food donations, please email