Thirsty trees! (An Update)

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well and hopefully enjoying your gardens and our outside spaces 🙂 This is just a reminder to all who collected a tree from the community market in January to please remember to water your newly planted tree as we’ve hardly had a drop of rain for a month! A good bucket of water per tree once or twice a week would really help them to establish. Hopefully the first leaf buds and blossoms will now be opening and we’d really love to see your photos and hear your stories about your trees. You can send them to 

The Hazels planted by Jenny’s meadow off Avon road will also appreciate some TCL if anyone is looking for activities for some daily exercise outside, (clearly just with members of your own household and not meeting up with anyone else) the nettles can be pulled back around each Hazel, (if you have a fork to remove some of the yellow nettle roots even better) you can leave the cut tops to die back around the Hazels. And if you live close enough to carry down a watering can or large bottle of water they’d love it – (again lots of water for one tree is better than a little on several trees). Clearly it’s a big ask to water and weed all, but if we can manage to do a few that would be wonderful. If you water a Hazel please do tie a bit of ribbon to the top of the cane to show it’s been watered, to help the next person know which tree to give water to.

Thanks to anyone who is able to help on behalf of the Parish council’s Climate Action volunteers.

Neighbourhood Plan open for comment

After much hard work, the Neighbourhood Plan for Abbots Leigh, Ham Green, Pill & Easton-In-Gordano is open for comment and can be found on the Plan web-site (where there is also a two-page summary) and in addition there is a print version (posted here as a PDF). Local consultation was due to take place for six weeks from Monday 6th April. That will still be a starting point – comments can be made by e-mail to – but the consultation period has been extended to some future uncertain date when public discussion and comment may be possible.

The Parish Council wishes to extend its huge thanks to Muray for his hard work, as well as all those who’ve assisted or taken part so far.

Statement from the Parish Council: STAY AT HOME!

Our children learning to read at Crockerne C of E Infants School would recognize and understand these three simple words – Stay At Home – so we certainly cannot misread or misunderstand them. The time has now come for all of us, not just some or most of us, to make a binding individual commitment to do just that – Stay At Home.

Stay At Home is the major instruction of our government which has declared the Coronavirus CV19 a National Emergency and it is one with which our Parish Council totally agrees. It is a chance for us to show our unity and belief in our village by all behaving in the same way. If a single individual decides that it is acceptable to disregard the instruction we must all challenge or call out such defiantly anti-social, selfish and irresponsible behaviour.

By contrast responsible behaviour starts when we have to go shopping once or twice a week but we must keep our distance from others, including shop staff, and pay by card if possible. Once daily exercise is a great tonic for us all but we must avoid narrow routes which make passing others dangerous. And, of course, thorough hand washing when we get home is essential.

We are all united in our praise of The Heywood Practice, our local pharmacy, Cohens and our health care staff who are working incessantly on our behalf to ensure our protection and safety. So one “I cannot do any harm if I meet my friends”, or one “ I’ll only pop in for a few seconds,” will make the work of our surgery, our pharmacy and our care staff – our front line – even more difficult than it is now. In fact we would be hurting the very people upon whom the most vulnerable in our village depend.

The world’s scientific and medical advice has agreed that only united approaches against the virus will have a chance of slowing it, resisting it and recovering from it. Any lack of unity amongst us now will make our village more vulnerable than it already is, hastening the time when we become overwhelmed and increasing the number of people we will be burying. So, however you look at it, our Parish Council believes all of us have only one choice –


Paul Kent

Chair on behalf of The Parish Council. 25/03/20

Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council Coronavirus Update

As a consequence of the Coronavirus outbreak, all future Parish Council meetings normally held at the Resource Centre will be postponed indefinitely. The Annual Parish Meeting at the Community Centre, planned for April will also be suspended. It is our intention to meet remotely until further notice.

The Parish Council has agreed to the following actions with immediate effect;

  • To make support for Coronavirus related matters the first priority of the contingency fund (£8,000) from the Parish Council budget 2020/21.
  • To use the contingency fund to support the work of existing groups in the village which are expected to need additional finance or extra logistical support to meet increased needs.
  • The groups we envisage requiring support would be: the Food Bank, the Churches’ and Salvation Army groups, the Lunchtime Meals group, Gordano Cars, Children’s Centre groups and the Library.
  • To encourage villagers to suggest other groups which might benefit from help.
  • To liaise with Cohens Pharmacy and Heywood Family Practice to find out how the PC could most effectively assist them in their front line work.
  • To use the PC website and distribution opportunities to publicise how people can get help. Whilst this is, of course, a jump into the unknown, the Parish Council hopes that these initial measures clearly show that we are ready and willing to support those activities which are of obvious benefit to the people of greatest need in our community. The Parish Council is very proud of the steadfast community spirit and resilience shown by everyone in the village and would urge you to follow developments on the excellent Pill Coronavirus Community Support Facebook Group.

In the meantime thank you all for your efforts and for showing kindness to everyone.
Paul Kent on behalf of the Parish Council.

Citizens Advice North Somerset Coronavirus Update

Today, as a consequence of the Coronavirus, we have taken the very difficult decision to close all our face-to-face advice services with immediate effect. Instead we will be delivering a telephone, email, webchat (Help to Claim) and skype advice service which will start from tomorrow, Thursday 18th March 2020. I have attached a poster with all our contact details and I would be grateful if you could share this with your networks and if possible to print it out and place it in prominent places so that people in your area will know how to contact us.


03444 111 444
03444 111 445 (text relay)

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (hours reflect national service; local service may vary) Client line: 01934 836 200

Online Advice

Email Advice
(response in 5 working days)

For the latest Service updates.

Solar panels in the village

Meeting Thursday 12th March in the Community Centre at 7.30 (not Tuesday as advertised in February edition of Village Voice). Do come to this if you are thinking about putting solar panels on your roof and bring along your friends and neighbours!