North Somerset Council Ukraine crisis information

The below is information provided by North Somerset Council in response to the crisis in Ukraine:

We stand with the people of Ukraine and everyone affected by the conflict and humanitarian crisis.

We’re flying the Ukrainian flag above our Town Hall and Castlewood offices as a mark of solidarity. We’ll also avoid buying items or services supplied from Russian companies and we’ve asked our suppliers and contractors to do the same. You can read more in our statement on Ukraine.

Here are some useful links to support for Ukrainian nationals, latest government advice and how you can help. 

Help for Ukrainian nationals

The latest information and guidance on the visa support available to Ukrainians and their family members is available on the website.

The Government has announced plans for a new sponsorship scheme to help Ukrainians without any family ties to the UK to come here. We are waiting for more information about this scheme.

UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals

Travel advice

The Government advises against all travel to Ukraine. The latest advice is available on the Foreign Office website.

Foreign Office Ukraine travel advice

How to help

Thank you to everyone who has been collecting and donating to help the people of Ukraine and everyone affected by the conflict.

Sadly, it looks as though aid and support will be needed for some time.

We’re working with Voluntary Action North Somerset (VANS) to support local communities to help Ukraine and to help make sure the right aid is available at the right time.

We’ll share information from VANS as soon as we can.

There are also a number of national and international organisations which you might like to donate to. Please do check the validity of any organisation you donate to – unfortunately there will always be scammers who try to take advantage of situations, including the Ukraine crisis. Here are some links to just some organisations:

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine humanitarian appeal

British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal

Ukrainian Red Cross

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

Safe Life UA

Mental health support

With everything that’s happening you may be feeling anxious, angry, uneasy or low. We’ll all be feeling differently and that’s ok.

If you’re struggling, try to talk to someone you trust. Do things you enjoy, stay active and look after yourself. It’s important to feel informed and not overwhelmed. Try and find a way a way to take in the news that works for you.

You can find information about local support services and suggestions on how to manage your wellbeing on our mental health pages.

look after your mental health

Other sources of support and advice

We’re proud of the strengths in our community, and the vitality and benefits brought by our citizens from around the world.

We urge everyone in our North Somerset community to support each other with friendship, kindness and understanding.

Hate crime is unacceptable and should always be taken seriously. There is help and support available. You can find out more including how to report a hate crime and details of local support on the Safer Stronger North Somerset and Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) websites.

Safer Stronger North Somerset information about hate crime

Stand Against Racism and Inequality

If you’re wondering how to talk to your children about the crisis, BBC Newsround have some good resources on their website.

Children’s BBC Newsround – Ukraine news coverage

Further information can also be found on the UK Government website