Precinct wall map

The Parish Council’s precinct improvement group volunteers have been hard at work putting together an updated Precinct wall map. You can view this here: (please download if you wish to zoom into a small scale to study every detail.)

We will be sending the design to the printers on the 18th March and would value the input of all local residents to double check that all elements are in the correct places / correctly labeled, are you happy with the icons used in the key? etc. If there are elements missing which you feel are important to be included please let us know. We have deliberately chosen not to name any businesses or places that may change in the next 5 – 10 years.

You can give us your comments by filling out the online form here:  or you can see the printed copy (at 50% scale) in the resource centre until Thursday 17th March and leave your comments on the feedback forms which will be provided.


Thank you for your input.

The Precinct Improvement Group Volunteers.