Parish Council statement on the lifting of COVID restrictions

The Parish Council wishes to make their position absolutely clear about the lifting of restrictions on Monday 19th July. Everyone will have heard about the government plans and there will be many interpretations about what is the best, safest, most appropriate or least damaging way of proceeding. We all know what it has been like for us, our families, our friends and neighbours over the last twenty months and we are yearning to be living as “normally” as possible once more.

However, it is clear from all sides that there is no certainty about any of the predictions and so we must recognise that whilst some of us will be keen to resume “normal living”, others in our community may still be fearful or worried about what the future holds. We all know people who have not seen their families for over a year; who have struggled with the difficulties of home schooling; who have worried about the lack of money, work and support; and who have felt the strain on their mental health. It is of paramount importance that we continue to recognise our different experiences and continue to show respect and understanding to those whose views are different from our own. We have done this as a community with sensitivity and support during the pandemic so far and the Parish Council believes we should continue in the same way.

In particular this means:

  1. We should continue to wear a face mask when we go into the surgeries and shops on which we all depend.
  2. We should remember to carry a mask and use it in those narrow outside areas where we all have to squeeze past each other.
  3. We should respect and follow the rules which our schools have introduced for the safety of our children. We also need to follow the rules for isolating in order to protect others in our community.
  4. We should check that any vulnerable or isolating neighbours are receiving the support they need in getting shopping and supplies.
  5. We should think carefully about our visits, trips, and plans so that we do not unintentionally cause harm to others. There are still clinically vulnerable people in our community who cannot take the vaccine and therefore rely upon us to protect them. We should remember that we can still pass on the infection even if we do not have symptoms.
  6. We should keep a very careful watch for any signs of illness in our family groups – and especially our children or those who have not been vaccinated.

The Parish Council hopes that we will all be able to remember these reasonable requests so that our community has the best chance of coming through this pandemic.

There is more information here.

Paul Kent on behalf of Pill and Easton in Gordano Parish Council.