Help protect local footpaths – action you can take!

A message from Cath of the Footpaths sub-group of the Parish Council;

Dear walkers,
Lots of you will have noticed the “0520 notice of joint landowner and highways statement land adjacent Markham Farm Easton in Gordano“.(attached map on page 2 of the linked PDF). The parish council have been investigating this and there is currently no plan or permission to build on this land and it is still in the green belt.

However, the owners are establishing the public rights of way across this land so that if they do get permission (when the government suddenly decides that they can build on greenbelt as housing needs are very high) we will not be able to claim other footpaths exist on the land.

I am therefore trying to establish the footpath up the edge of the field from where you enter at the bridleway at Brookside playing field up to where it joins the footpath emerging from where the horse are (what was Shilton’s farm) as public right of way under the evidence of use from the section 31 of The highways act 1980.

We need as many evidence statements as we can get to prove it has been used as a footpath for at least 20 years. I don’t think this is a problem as I have memories of walking that way over 40 years ago.

What I would like you to do is print off and fill in the application form here and draw on a map the route (below), completed forms can be left at the resource centre for the Attention of the footpath committee and I will collect them from there. If we can get them done by the 28th in August we can put them in with the rights of way improvement plan.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think would be able to complete the form.

Thanks for all your support on this