Finding Hope in a Crisis

The Covid-19 emergency is having terrible consequences for many people but lots of us have also noticed good things that have come out of the crisis.

The Parish Council Climate Action Group have been thinking about how we might capture some of those positive experiences and emotions so that we can remember and build on them after this time of trial is over.

You may have seen the big rainbow display in the Resource Centre window or found The Happy Pill Facebook page. Our idea is for anyone in our wonderful community to share their thoughts of gratitude during the crisis with us all, whether those are about the generosity and human decency that has been so obvious, or appreciation of peace, quiet and the natural world.

You can write your ideas on a postcard – special ones available in the local shops and New Canton House takeway, and pop them through the Resource Centre letterbox. Children can draw pictures, or you can post on The Happy Pill.

We will collect all these ideas as a memory of this experience, and as a reminder of ways in which we want the new normal to be different from the old.