Fairtrade Update

In case anyone was wondering about the importance of Fairtrade to communities in the developing world, please take a look at this post from Fairtrade International:

The news we’re hearing from the fields is devastating. Tens of thousands of workers in the tea and flower sectors have lost their livelihoods, most without any financial safety net. Restrictions on movement mean that harvested goods, like rice, cotton, and coffee, are sitting in fields or in warehouses, waiting for restrictions to be lifted so that they can be sold and exported – which means that incomes and wages are also waiting.

But we’re also hearing stories of hope and solidarity. Fairtrade producer organizations that are feeding the vulnerable members of their communities. Flower workers who learned sewing skills through use of the Fairtrade Premium being called in to work to make masks for their communities. Cooperatives supporting their communities by setting up COVID-19 testing centers. The resilience, innovation, and generous nature of these farmers and workers truly humbles me.

(For context,  Pill and Easton-in-Gordano Fairtrade group last year celebrated 25 years since the launch of the Fairtrade Mark and the 10th anniversary of our recognition as a Fairtrade Community.)