Thirsty trees! (An Update)

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well and hopefully enjoying your gardens and our outside spaces 🙂 This is just a reminder to all who collected a tree from the community market in January to please remember to water your newly planted tree as we’ve hardly had a drop of rain for a month! A good bucket of water per tree once or twice a week would really help them to establish. Hopefully the first leaf buds and blossoms will now be opening and we’d really love to see your photos and hear your stories about your trees. You can send them to 

The Hazels planted by Jenny’s meadow off Avon road will also appreciate some TCL if anyone is looking for activities for some daily exercise outside, (clearly just with members of your own household and not meeting up with anyone else) the nettles can be pulled back around each Hazel, (if you have a fork to remove some of the yellow nettle roots even better) you can leave the cut tops to die back around the Hazels. And if you live close enough to carry down a watering can or large bottle of water they’d love it – (again lots of water for one tree is better than a little on several trees). Clearly it’s a big ask to water and weed all, but if we can manage to do a few that would be wonderful. If you water a Hazel please do tie a bit of ribbon to the top of the cane to show it’s been watered, to help the next person know which tree to give water to.

Thanks to anyone who is able to help on behalf of the Parish council’s Climate Action volunteers.