Access to Information

Committed to Openness

Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council is committed to openness in its activities
and in its relationship with members of the community.

This commitment manifests itself in the following ways, all of which are referred to
elsewhere on this website:-

  • The public posting of agendas for meetings.
  • The availability of minutes of meetings as soon as practical after they have
    taken place.
  • The availability of all documents pertaining to the work of the Council.
  • The availability of the Parish Clerk in the Parish Council office at publicly
    advertised times.
  • Regular reporting on its activities in the Pill Paper (the community newsletter).
  • An active website.
  • A Public Participation session at the beginning of every meeting of the full
    Council, in addition to every meeting of the Council or one of its committees
    being open to the public.

Any request for appropriate and non-confidential information outside of the freely
available material referred to here will be met within twenty days of the request being

This document sets out to provide an overview of the Council’s role, responsibilities
and the documents immediately available on request.

Minutes of all meetings are published on the website, and are also available at the
Parish Council office and the Library.